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Kickoff date: February 8, 2024

Sarasota Invitational Regatta

Feb 24, 2024 Results

Congratulations to our rowing team for their racing spirit and teamwork at the regatta.


Eden Alfi won a gold medal in the HS Girls 1x by 6 boat lengths in her flight and best time overall out of all four flights. Sabrina Fernandez won a bronze in her HS Girls 1x flight. Together they won a gold medal in the Girls HS 2x.

RH Doubles gold.JPG

At the Novice Regatta on Feb 3, 2024, the team took home 20 medals. Congratulations!

Max Lefebvre 1x

Silver Medal

Gulliver Prep

Max with silver medal w his coaches3.jpg

Nina Padron and Daniella Rodriguez 2x

Silver Medal - OLLA

Nina Padron and Daniella Rodriguez w silver medals3.jpg

Isabella Macario and Priah Cruz-Cruz 2x

Gold Medal - OLLA

Isabella Macario and Priah Cruz-Cruz w_ gold medals3.jpg

Cristian Veloso and Nicolas Estrella 2x

Bronze Medal - GP

GP 2x w Coach Franky at Novice Regatta3.jpg

From left to right: Eden Alfi, Serena Pazos, Jazmin Maguitman and Sabrina Fernandez won the silver medal in the Girls HS4x

Girls Quada.jpg

Womens Novice 4x Race

 Gabriella Stoetzer, Janelle Gonzalez, Abbie Gonzalez, Caterina Arner   Bronze Medal - OLLA

From left to right: Sacha Zolfaghari, Eden Alfi, Serena Pazos and Jazmin Maguitman won the silver medal in the HS Mixed 4x,

From left to right: Maxime Lefebvre, Andreas Thiemann, Elinor Alfi, and Amanda Cardoso  from Gulliver Prep won the bronze medal in their HS Mixed 4x.

GP mixed quad.JPG

Benderson Chase Regatta

Sarasota, FL

November 18 - 19, 2023

5000 meter head race (3+ miles)

Congratulations to Eden Alfi for her gold medal

in the U17 Women's 1x. Eden's first place time  was 22:56.78 an amazing 53 seconds faster than the second place finish.

Congratulations to Sabrina Fernandez and Elinor Alfi for their silver medal in the U19 Women's 2x.

Sabrina and Elli matched their strokes and power to finish 2nd.

Great racing by the team members attending BC in Sarasota who gave their all in singles, doubles and a quad.


Men's U15 : Nico 4th, Colin 5th, Santiago 6th,

Women's 4x U 17 4th Anna/Amina/Isla/ Eden

Men's 2x U17 Christian/ Lucas, Men's U17 1x Maxime


U15 rowers Colin Vail, Santiago Ugueto and Nico Estrella getting last minute coaching as they prepare to launch from the beach.

Boys 1X.jpg

Congratulations to our junior team novice rowers who attended the Novice/ Freshman and More Regatta at Turkey Lake in Orlando on Feb 3, 2024


Womens Novice 4+ Race

Angelina Perenzuela, Sophia Coronado, Carolina Rodriguez, Nina Padron and cox Gabriella Stoetzer    Silver Medal - OLLA


Mens Freshman Novice 4x Race

Santiago Ugueto, Andreas Thiemann, Nicolas Vives, Lucas Osorio  Bronze Medal Gulliver Prep


Our Lady of Lourdes Academy (OLLA)

Novice Rowers at the Regatta in Orlando

OLLA Rowing Team Medal Ceremony.jpeg

Gulliver Prep Novice Rowers at

The Novice Regatta in Orlando

GP Team2.jpg

Alvaro Torres Masias is preparing to represent Peru in his 1x for the 2024 Paris Olympics while training with Coach Franky at the MIRH. Alvaro participated in the US World Class Rowers, Fall Speed Order in West Windsor, NJ Nov 18/19, 2023

Congratulations; Alvaro finished 14th out of 44.


 Videos of Eden1x and Sabrina/ Elli 2x

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