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Give a Helping Hand Campaign


We are a young rowing club that has achieved great success with our rowers over the last six years. We have a dedicated group of junior rowers ages 12-18 at the novice, junior varsity, and varsity level each year while past team members have moved on to collegiate teams, many with rowing scholarships.

Our youth is our future, and we can significantly impact theirs. Part of learning to row involves commitment, focus, teamwork, strength, and most of all the determination to succeed. All these qualities build strong future leaders in whatever field or endeavor they choose.


Miami International RowHouse is a 501(c)3 non-profit that depends on the generosity and support of its community of families and friends to give these rowers the best chance at success as they put their skills to the challenge in rowing regattas nationwide. As the team grows, we need “your helping hand” to be able to purchase an 8+ boat and 4+/x as well as sweep oars, replacement sculling oars, a dock extension for the 57 foot boat, and a new trailer so the team can row in a larger boat category as used in high schools and colleges.
Our goal is to start competing in this 8+ boat as early as possible during this season!

We appreciate your help in reaching our fundraising goal of $60,000 +

Spring Season Fundraising Campaign starting Feb 8

For donations by VENMO @Miami-Rowhouse, if donating as part of a rower's contact with you please note their name on your donation or if you forget just send a note to

For donations by check, please first fill out the form below and then mail your check.

For donations by credit card, please use the form below.

If you need a copy of our 501(c)3 document for a Foundation or Company check, please email us at

We will send all donors a donation receipt. Thank you very much for your support.

Click Donation Progress to see entries and a chart.

Donation by Check

For making a donation by check, please fill out the form below and click Submit.

Then write out the check to:

Miami International RowHouse, Inc.

and mail to:

Miami International RowHouse, Inc.

2293 SW 24 Terrace, Miami, FL 33145

Thank you.

Thank you for your donation!

Donation by Credit Card

We appreciate your support for the
Miami International RowHouse
Give a Helping Hand Campaign.
Click on an amount or select other and insert your donation and click Donate at the bottom of the page.
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