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RowHouse Facility

RowHouse welcomes visiting rowers to inquire about staying at RowHouse while you train with us.

The house is a part of the gated property that opens up to the waterway that stretches both East and West. The expansive dock area makes it easy to access the waterway in any size boat or several smaller boats at one time.The majority of boats are stored under an open roofed area right next to the waterway. The open area next to the boat storage is used for washing the boats after a row.

The house has two bedrooms with bunk style beds (and room for a another inflatable bed), an open plan living room, two full baths, a beautiful full kitchen with seated counter space, an open dining area with 6 erg machines and a deck looking out to the waterway.

All this and beautiful sunny weather especially enticing during the snowy winters elsewhere.
Come join us!

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