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August 2020:

Parent of a Miami RowHouse Rower:

"Since the start of my daughter’s rowing career, she has wanted to row for coach Franky and RowHouse.  I had been hesitant to commit as it’s a 3 hour drive round trip, but now going into our second season, I know we made the right decision.

 His expertise and commitment to ensuring the athletes obtain their personal best as champions both personally and athletically is unsurpassed, and the flag and his name are known both nationally and internationally.  Rowers frequently come from around the world, including 2021 Olympians, to train and fine tune at RowHouse because he is the best with a *proven* track record. 

Since it’s a smaller, high performance club, Franky knows each athlete and provides individual growth plans in a safe environment, unlike larger clubs that provide one plan for all.  The recognized difference he has made in my daughter both on the water and off has been a huge blessing and she’s so proud to row with coach Franky under the RowHouse flag."




DECEMBER 25, 2019

August 2020:

Graduating High School Junior Men's Miami RowHouse Rower:

"RowHouse is unlike any rowing club I’ve ever seen before. It’s not a massive club that puts its biggest rowers into a four or an eight and expects them to win races with sheer power and brute muscle. Instead, RowHouse is a small club that turns shorter, less buff people like me into consistently fast oarsmen and women. 

If I hadn’t come to RowHouse to train under Coach Franky and learn the most efficient technique, all of my success in the sport would not have happened. My podium finishes at the Head of the Charles and Head of the Hooch regattas, those State Championship medals, and my Regional win would have remained a pipe dream."

High School Junior Women's Miami RowHouse Rower:


Having rowed for several clubs, one lesson with coach Franky and I knew this is where I needed to be.  I've learned more in one week from him than I have for the entire prior two years I've been competing. 


Rowing at Miami RowHouse is the best part of my day.  Coach Franky cares about each of us and has a long history of grooming current and future champions. People from around the world come to Miami RowHouse to be trained by him having gone to the Olympics himself.

I'm so very proud to be a part of this team!  Miami RowHouse is where champions come to row in a safe and confident environment!

High School Junior Men's Miami RowHouse Rower:

My time at RowHouse has given me the discipline to be better on and off the water.

Coach Franky has a vast knowledge of rowing and he is not shy to share it.  Coach Franky will do anything to ensure his athletes  have the best technique. 

Coach Franky makes sure to know his athletes in order for him to make the coaching as individualistic as possible.  One hour with Coach Franky is like 50 hours with any other coach. 


The training at RowHouse is designed to push your body to new boundaries (in a good way).  Each training session has a technical aspect and a power aspect.  This approach makes sure that the athletes have an upper hand in competition.

Parent of a Miami RowHouse Rower:

Coach Franky and the culture he created at RowHouse is transformative. Our son started rowing with Coach Franky in Middle school and two years later he is transformed. At RowHouse our son not only discovered a love for rowing, an appreciation and respect for teamwork but also an appetite for competition and putting his best self forward.


With Coach Franky’s coaching and mentorship, our son accessed levels of self- discipline and focus that were not present before he rowed. Our son learned the values of commitment, grit, dedication, teamwork and the importance of goals.


Coach Franky is the best coach we have met. He is not only an expert in his field, he understands and honors children as well as the Coach- Student Athlete relationship. His generosity of spirit permeates all that he does and the atmosphere he creates. He knows how to inspire excellence and nurture spirit in his rowers.


Athletes come to train with Coach Franky from all over the world. Our son has met and at times trained with these Athletes- all of the rowers do. The opportunity for our rowers to see excellence first hand, how it is achieved and maintained demonstrates that big dreams can come true. This is inspirational to bear witness to.


At RowHouse children discover important life lessons that impact all aspects of their lives.

Parent of a Miami RowHouse Middle School Rower:

Our son has now been training with the Team for about 5 months and is one of the youngest.  During this short period of time, he has grown tremendously -- both mentally and physically.  Coach Franky’s coaching has brought out the best in our son, and he loves rowing at the RowHouse!  The teens on the team are a great group of kids and have been very encouraging.  We are so grateful to have found this great place for our son to take up the sport of rowing.  We have had a great experience at Miami International RowHouse and give it our highest recommendation!

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