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IMPORTANT: The following membership, waivers and docs must be completed by January 27 to be able to race

and have US Rowing Insurance Coverage in 2023.

1)  Join US Rowing as a Basic Member and sign US Rowing Waiver

      under Miami International RowHouse.

     Next, use this link to reach the LOGIN page on US Rowing.  Follow the instructions to "Join Organization" selecting GulliverPrep Rowing as the club. 

You will be adding this to your profile without additional cost.

(You need to sign up for the US Rowing membership in your child's name ( not your name) before you will be able to sign the FSRA and NOARA waivers in your child's name.)

2) Sign FSRA Waiver on Regatta Central for Miami International RowHouse

3) Sign NOARA Waiver on NOARA site for Miami International RowHouse


  Requirements for FSRA (Florida Scholastic Rowing Association)

Each rower must supply the following to us at

a) Copy of proof of birth date (License, Passport, or Birth Certificate)

b) Copy of proof of school and grade (Transcript with school name, grade and Date OR  School ID that includes school name, grade and Date)

c) Photo against light background (no hats) for FSRA ID

5) Note: We will send out a mailing with a link to sign FSRA and NOARA waivers for GulliverPrep Rowing as soon as it is set up in the system.

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