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Note: Below is a copy of the Miami International RowHouse Rower Guidelines for your reference only.

Miami International RowHouse Rower Guidelines

I understand that:

  • Sportsmanship and fair play are essential to the sport of rowing.

  • Showing all rowers, parents and coaches from our teams and other teams respect is important.

  • Bullying, hazing, harassment of any kind, emotional misconduct including but not limited to verbal acts, physical acts, acts that deny attention or support, criminal conduct or stalking will not be tolerated and should be reported to the club coaches and/or leadership immediately.

  • Coaches are responsible for coaching and rowers are asked to be supportive of their coaches’ decisions.

  • During practice the rowers will not have on or use their cell phones unless for an emergency.

  • At regattas the rowers will arrive on site and go to the team’s tent/trailer at the times requested by the coaches to help unload and prepare the boats and warm up for their races and listen to the coaches about their strategies for the rowers’ race/s.

  • After all rowers from MIRH groups have completed their races, team rowers must be at the trailer to help with de-rigging, loading the boats, and cleaning up until released by the coach.


Therefore, I agree to the following Rower Guidelines:

  • Athletes shall participate in all regattas to which they commit when asked to participate by the coach.

  • Athletes shall be attentive to coaches before and during practice and at regattas.

  • Athletes shall have and display positive attitudes and a willingness to work with and always encourage others. Negative language toward another athlete, coach, parent, another crew, or the power boater will not be tolerated. "Horsing" around is not tolerated during practice or at a regatta.

  • Talking in a boat is disruptive and unsafe. The coxswain, or bow seat in un-coxed boats, is the only person who should be talking unless asked a direct question by a coach.

  • Athletes shall attend the entire practice or regatta unless they have advance permission of the coach.

  • Athletes shall not use alcohol, illegal drugs, or smoke.


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