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OLLA Fall Season Rowing Program 

Photos: Rowing on the Blue Lagoon and

Sabrina Fernandez, a senior at OLLA with Head Coach Franky Viacava

Dear OLLA Parents and Rowers,

Rowing is a year round sport. We train rowers from the novice level, junior varsity and varsity levels and elite rowers training for international competitions including the Olympics.

Our fall program usually starts when school begins for the fall through November 30. Our spring season starts when school begins in January through early May. We also offer a three week December camp and summer camp weekly rowing program. We help our rowers meet their full potential through strength and technique training.

Our rowing program is recognized world wide. Colleges track our rowers and contact Head Coach Franky on an ongoing basis regarding their collegiate team recruitment goals.

The OLLA Rowing Program Fall Season

Tuesday October 3 -  Thursday, November 30

Opportunity to row and train Monday - Friday 4:30- 6:30 pm

Just let us know if you can not come any of these days.

Boathouse address: 6201 Tamiami Canal Road, Miami, FL 33126


We use Whatsapp for the coaches to communicate with the parents and the rowers for rowing team updates regarding regattas, weather cancellations etc.

What to wear and bring to rowing:

sports shorts and shirt, socks, sneakers, visor/ hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottle for hydration with rower's name on it.

The registration process needs to be completed prior to your daughter coming to OLLA team practice that starts at 4:30 pm on Tuesday, October 2.

OLLA rowing team sign up includes filling out the 1) registration form, 2) making the payment for the fall rowing season and 3) signing the waiver and rower swimming ability confirmation forms.

Row fast,

Franky Viacava

Head Coach


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