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on your Gold Medal in Mens U23 Ltwt 1x at US Rowing Summer National Championships in Windsor,NJ

Good Luck at the 2022 Junior World Championship in Italy in August!

US National Team Training

During Winter break in 2018 and 2019, several Worlds and US Olympic rowers headed to RowHouse for training with Coach Franky.

These champions focused on training with Coach Franky sometimes for a full week and sometimes for several weeks.

They stayed in the RowHouse together and trained several times a day in order to maximize their results. In 2017, after their training at Rowhouse, Franky went to the US National Team training center in CA to work with them as well.

In the Winter of 2018, Coach Franky trained at RowHouse the following champions listed in alphabetical order.
John Graves

Mary Jones
Felice Mueller
Lauren Schmetterling
Elizabeth Sonshine
Gevvie Stone

In the Winter of 2019, Coach Franky trained the following champions listed in alphabetical order.
Felice Mueller

Kristine O’Brien

Emily Regan
Lauren Schmetterling

RowHouse is honored to have been a part of their 2018 and 2019 training program and wishes them many future successes.

Lauren Schmetterling

Elizabeth Sonshine

Left to Right

Mary Jones, Elizabeth Sonshine, Coach Franky, Felice Mueller, Lauren Schmetterling, Gevvie Stone

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