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International Olympic Training at Miami RowHouse

We're Going to Tokyo!

Congratulations to Alvaro Torres Masias,Veronica Toro Arana and Coach Franky.

You did it! You qualified for the Olympics.


Miami RowHouse, Peru and Puerto Rico are proud to have you represent us at the Olympics!

What an incredible journey... Today, March 5, 2021 in Brazil, we all watched you use your years of training with Coach Franky at Miami RowHouse and successfully push yourselves to make your dreams come true.

Since Coach Franky is well known throughout the world, RowHouse offers training to competitive athletes outside the US. Some have stayed at RowHouse while others have found a place close by in the Miami area. We have singles available for visiting rowers. If you are interested in training at RowHouse we look forward to hearing from you.


Alvaro Torres from Peru 

Alvaro has been training daily with Coach Franky at RowHouse for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

The following are two Sept 2020 videos of his training sessions which he adapted with a unique vision.

Most recently he competed with the US National team members on the Charles River in Boston in a special 3 day event as a warm up for the upcoming Worlds and Olympic competitions in 2021. Alvaro has qualified after training with Coach Franky as the #1 rower to represent Peru in 2021.


Alvaro on the Charles River August 2020

Veronica Toro-Arana from Puerto Rico

Veronica started training with Coach Franky in advance of her qualifying round in Brazil on December 2, 2018 and as a result of their training together she qualified for a position to represent Puerto Rico. Veronica’s goal is to represent Puerto Rico in the 2020 Olympic games. You can find more on Veronica and the Puerto Rico rowing team on the internet.


Training at RowHouse 2019-2021 to represent Puerto Rico at the 2020 Olympics


Sarasota Invitational Feb 2020

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