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Visiting Masters

Winter/Spring Training

During the Winter and Spring months when temperatures do not allow "on the water" rowing elsewhere, RowHouse welcomes Master rowers to come and train with us in Miami. Whether you are a novice rower or an advanced rower, we offer a program to meet your schedule and rowing goals. 

Rowhouse is recognized throughout the rowing community for the strength of its junior and master rowers at worldwide competitions.  We also train many of the US National Team rowers on their breaks from the US Team rowing center. We offer instruction in both sculling and sweep boats.

You can come and train with our coaching staff or come with your own trainer or just come to row. We have singles, doubles, quads and fours available for use during your training sessions. You can also bring your own boat.

Reasons rowers specifically come to RowHouse in the Winter/ Spring season:

Expert training from Head Coach Franky Viacava who has trained rowers from novice to Worlds and the Olympic level of rowing.  

Rowing on a waterway that is rarely too windy for a row

A waterway only used by RowHouse for rowing that includes the Blue Lagoon with a distance row of 8.5K in one direction.
(Once in a while there is a fishing boat but very little activity from other boats.)

A space that offers a straight 2K waterway for racing practice.

The Rowhouse which is an actual house where rowers can stay instead of going to a hotel. These accommodations include two rooms (one bunk in each plus a blow up bed), two full baths, a living room, a kitchen, an open area with 6 ergs, stationary bike and a deck looking out on the waterway. 

The Miami area offers an exciting nightlife, plenty of shopping, South Beach and much more.

If you would like to explore coming to train with us, please write us on the Contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to rowing with you!

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