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Miami International RowHouse is a 501c3 Non Profit.

Our mission is to train middle and high school students and adults in the art of rowing while inspiring them to live healthy, productive lives.

Through our rowing programs we help the community by offering an opportunity for boys and girls to have a chance to develop both their mind and body in a sport that is not often available at their school. Our rowing program can make a huge difference in each rower's approach to life by developing their confidence, focus, perseverance and team work skills which improves their schoolwork as well.

During COVID-19 times, when group sports activities are limited or eliminated, we are able to offer small group sessions that follow the guidelines of social distancing.

We are fund raising to be able to offer the opportunity to row to more children in our community who can not afford the total cost to row. Our general operating and equipment requirements are not able to be covered without donations.

Please Donate Now. You can make a difference!

Click credit/debit card donation or use VENMO @Miami-Rowhouse or send a check to

Miami RowHouse

2293 SW 24 Terrace

Miami FL 33145

Donations from foundations or matching funds from your company are other ways to help fund Miami International RowHouse.

We appreciate your support.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Francisco Viacava

Text: 305-710-8362


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